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We will respond to expectations from a full support system from academic research to medical, industrial and information fields.

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We will provide reagents indispensable for research at universities, companies, government agencies and other laboratories and laboratories, and the latest information related to them in a timely manner.

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Utilizing our abundant knowledge, we will deliver the best diagnostic agents for clinical laboratories and examination centers in hospitals with the latest information.

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We deal with chemical industry products, food additives, raw materials and intermediates related to drug discovery that are required in a wide range of fields of industry and living.

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We work with new customers and grow their business.

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TOSOH TRC Event News

TRCready80 was reported at The 7th National Science on […]

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Fucoidan Launched in Vietnam Fucoidan Gold (JAN code:49 […]

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TOSOH AIA Event News

PIVKAⅡ seminar in Hanoi Medical University